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Introduction to

Radiant Arts, Inc.

original design



  • Radiant Arts, Inc. is a full service secular and liturgical fine arts studio. You get great design, fabrication, and installation of stained glass windows, mosaics, niches, etched and carved glass built from years of experience handling your artwork.


  • The studio is able to supply a full line of stock statuary and provide custom designed statues and sculptures for your specific needs.


  • With special focus on our expert renovations of leaded and stained glass windows that bring back the life they once knew, and properly provided ventilation from protective glazing systems to safeguard your artworks, you'll get less worry from future damages by the elements and vandalism.



Jim Foltz

Owner and Craftsman

Vice President

Dave Marchione


Artist - Glazier

Brian Laughlin

Artist - Craftsman

Master Glazier

Chris Tully


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