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What Condition Are Your Stained Glass Windows In?

The beauty of stained glass is apparent every time we look inside our churches and mausoleums, in our restaurants, around our businesses, or if we're lucky, in our own homes.

They stand through the weathering of time for hundreds of years, and we often take it for granted that they'll stay there for another hundred or more.


Now is the time to take a closer look and evaluate the real state they are in because it's important to protect and take pride in the craftsmanship and beauty that brings such a vibrant spectrum of light into our average day.

Some Things To Look For​
  • ​Cracked, broken, or falling out glass

  • Daylight shining through edges or gaps around the glass

  • Crumbling putty and debris below the windows

  • Feel or visually see a wavy bowing or bulging areas and no longer a nice flat panel?

  • Weather elements seeping in and deteriorating wood and rusting metal

Let Us Help Solve Your Problems

We work with clients to explain what causes these situations detrimental to your windows. 


We go over options and find the best possible solution within your budget to repair and restore your amazing works of art to a long lasting state you can enjoy with peace of mind.

Get a free evaluation and start your planning today.

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